Best Computer Science Universities in the UK

The best universities to study Computer Science courses in the UK for Nigerian students

Are you planning to study Computer Science courses in the UK from Nigeria? UK universities are well-known for top-quality faculty members, amazing research facilities and bright job prospects after completing the degree. Here is a list of the top 10 UK universities to study undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Nigeria.

RankUniversity NameTotal FTE StudentsNo of Students/Saff
1University of Oxford20,83510.7
=5University of Cambridge19,68111.1
12Imperial College London17,71711.3
=30University of Edinburgh31,63112.1
=35King’s College London28,24812.0
50University of Manchester36,54314.3
=78University of Warwick22,71314.2
=86University of Glasgow27,62513.9
92University of Bristol24,11014.4

Cheapest UK Universities for Computer Science Courses for Nigerian Students

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